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Is it possible to access the equity in your home without moving?
Yes! It is!Housing startup Easyknock created Sell and Stay, a residential sale leaseback program. At its most basic, that means you sell your house to us, then rent it back. How exactly does that work? Read on to better understand each step of the Sell and Stay process.You Fill Out the Form to See If You Qualify for Sell & StayWhile we don’t require your credit score or a certain amount of income, we do need to make sure that your home qualifies for our program. You fill out the qualification form and we’ll let you know in short order whether you’ll be able to participate in the program.We’ll Write Up a ContractIf you decide Sell and Stay is for you, we’ll write up sale and lease contracts. This basically combines the processes you’d go through while selling and renting a home, making one conditional on the other. We can close on the sale and leaseback in as little as 21 days. While you don’t need to get a lawyer to represent your interests, we highly suggest that you do.We Cut You a Check for Your EquityWe pay you a large portion of your home equity. Your home equity is the money that you have invested in your home, the difference between your home’s market value and the amount you owe on your mortgage.You Are No Longer Obligated to Your Mortgage CompanyWhen you sell your home to us with Sell and Stay, you no longer have a mortgage or therefore a mortgage payment. We own your home and that means you don’t have mortgage debt. However, you’ll have to pay rent every month just like you would if you rented any other home.You Continue Living in Your HomeWhen you take part in EasyKnock’s Sell and Stay program, we write up a lease contract while we’re working out the details of buying your home. The two go hand in hand. One of the conditions of you selling us your home is that we are obligated to rent it back to you so long as you hold up your end of the lease contract. It’s essentially the same as renting any other home, except it’s the home you used to own.While you’re living in the home under the lease agreement, EasyKnock will cover the property taxes. You are required to handle basic maintenance on the home like lawn care, snow removal, and appliance maintenance. You don’t need home owner’s insurance any more, but we recommend that you get a renter’s insurance policy to protect your belongings.You Can Move or Buy Back Your Home at Any PointIf you decide you don’t want to live in the home any more, that’s alright! You just give us permission to put the home on the market and we’ll give you the difference between your initial equity check and the sell-out value. You don’t even necessarily have to turn over control over the selling process. If you want, you can set the value, choose the realtor, and make other decisions pertaining to the selling of the home. We let you out of remainder of the lease if you sell early.You can also buy your home back. You’d pay us a cost laid out in the initial contract either in cash or by getting a new home loan. You’d no longer be obligated by the lease, and you’d own your home again.
How do you convince your customer to purchase your product?
“sell me this pen”I remember reading this story from another quora user. It was his own personal experience on how his recruiter taught him to sell a pen. unfortunately I can no longer find and link back to him. so if you know which quora answer I’m referring to, please let me know. but it goes something like this: Robert (fictional name) applied for work at a sales company. And during the interview, the recruiter handed Robert a pen and asked him to sell it back to the recruiter.Robert took the pen and started listing down various features of the pen and tried hard to convince the recruiter to buy it. “this pen is in blue and has a rubber grip. it makes it easy to grip”“it is a ball point pen, so your handwriting looks nice.”“I will give a very special price if you buy it now” but in the end, he wasn’t able to convince nor persuade the recruiter to buy the pen.The recruiter then took the pen back from Robert, and showed him how he would sell the pen.Recruiter: I have a blue pen in my hand, would you like to buy it?Robert: hmmm• I don’t knowRecruiter: why dont you know? what would convince you to buy?Robert: I’m not interested in a blue pen. maybe a black pen?Recruiter: okay, if I were to sell you the same pen but in black, would you then buy?Robert: maybeRecruiter: why did you say “maybe”? what else is on your mind?Robert: I would like to be able to compare this pen with other types of pen so that I can choose the best pen to buyRecruiter: okay, if I were to lay out in front of you the common types of pen and compare the benefits & features of this black pen from the other ones • and that you clearly see the benefit of this pen • would you then be interested to buy this pen?Robert: yea, sure. * * * the first step in knowing how to sell a product, is to first understand the reason why customers buy.we should be studying how & why customers buy, rather than how salesmen sell. And once you understand the psychology of why customers buy, then the selling part becomes easy to you and you will finally know how to sell a product successfully.i already wrote about the psychology of why customers buy, and how to get them to buy your product & services here the purpose of your product & service is to deliver a desired result for your customer.your product is a solution to a problem that the customer is trying to solve. they don’t want your product. they just want what your product can do for them.your product is merely a tool for the customer to reach their goal • it is a vehicle for them to reach their destination. for example:1. people don’t buy computers, they buy ‘what they can do with a computer• • to do their work, to surf the internet, etc.2. people don’t buy a power drill, they buy what the power drill can do • to create a hole in the wall3. people don’t buy weight loss pills, they buy what the pills can do • to help them lose weight so that they can look and feel sexy to attract the opposite sex. so your job is to figure out what your customer wants, and match those wants with the benefit of your product.you can get the eavesdropping technique here to get inside your customers heads. Selling is simply asking questions, and listening to what the customer wants to buy.you don’t sell what you want to sell, but you sell what people want to buy!and instead of trying hard to close and push people to buy, you simply ask questions to get feedback and let the customer do the work for you • let them close themselves. Your job is not to push people into buying, but to listen carefully to their wants & needs and help them get what they want to achieve.
Do un-contracted workers have to fill out IRS W4 form?
I have no idea what an “un-contracted worker” is. I am not familiar with that term.Employees working in the U.S. complete a Form W-4.Independent contractors in the U.S. do not. Instead, they usually complete a Form W-9.If unclear on the difference between an employee or an independent contractor, see Independent Contractor Self Employed or Employee
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