Commercial contract – improved property (1801)
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Commercial contract – improved property (1801)

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How can I prove that the law of contract is a parent to both commercial and property law?
If you are talking about Anglo-American law, you can make a far better argument that they aren’t. Real property law derived from Domesday Book after the Norman Conquest in 1066 CE. Greater scholars, like Plucknett and Vinogradoff back to Maitland have traced it back to Roman roots in dominium. The key policy thread was clarity of title as the basis for consistent “taxation.”Contract law begins to evolve much much later in the writ of assumpsit. Arguably, it evolved from the earlier writs regarding enforceable rights derived from possession, like debt and case. A respectable argument can be made to contradict that conclusion, but the date is in the 14th century.It has been argued, first by Ms. Shapiro, that loan enforcement law and possessory law both arise at the time of Richard Coeur d’Lion as a means of financing the Crusades with loans from the London Jewish community. Professor Broyde published a brief article suggesting that bailment also comes to us from the Talmud. And, I believe I have demonstrated in my article published in The Conveyancer in London that most of commercial law draws its principles from Talmud and cannot be traced to the Romans, Greeks, or others, as casually asserted without citation by Professor Jolowicz. A complete version of the article with all footnotes and citations is on my office web site here. That influence ended with the Edwardian expulsion of the Jews in 1290 CE, not long but distinctly before the advent of assumpsit. The mortgage was an invention modifying Jewish law of contracts to permit enforcement against English estates without giving the creditor the ability to take title. Soon thereafter, English law invented enforcement of assumed obligations including contracts.So, plainly, the later enforceable contract arising from a voluntarily assumed duty could not have been the historic source for property rights that were of ancient Roman or at least Norman origin or for commercial rights that existed years before.
How do I carry out effective commercial property marketing on the internet?
There are many techniques which you can use to attract more attention to your properties. And, you need to make sure that your properties get the appropriate attention.First of all, use only professional and high quality photos. Nowadays, visuals are of great importance. So, if you want people to pay attention to your properties, don’t tell, just show. If you use low-quality photos, people will see a property that looks much worse than in real life. Highlight the best parts of the property and hide what is less admirable about it.If you have never used videos in your marketing campaigns, then it’s time to start. Here are 3 techniques, which can be extremely effective for you.1. Live videos on Social platforms. Social media is the place where you can instantly reach out to many people, including potential customers. Create a livestream tour of your property and show its advantages to make it irresistible.2. Create a video slideshow with high-quality photos of your property. Pick a video slideshow maker tool, upload your photos, add your descriptions and use your slideshow on different platforms to promote your property.3. Virtual Reality tours are becoming more and more popular among real estate agents. It’s an interesting experience worth having with your clients, and not very hard to make.And, one more tip: create a story behind your property. I would like to share this example: In 2021. Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn bought 100 extremely cheap objects and asked 100 writers to write a fictional story for each object. The results exceeded their expectations. After adding the stories to each of them, the 100 items worth $128.74 were sold for $3,612.51.You can find more information in this article, I’m sure it will be very helpful.5 PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES TO PROMOTE YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS
How can my property management company get our first contract? Starting out in Toronto is tough.
Starting with your own existing network is going to be the way to go. Do you have contacts in the real estate industry or have friends that know of friends that know real estate investors? People choose property management companies and other service based companies because of trust. That’s why relying on your current network and expanding from there is so important.If you don’t have a network that you can tap into, join your Chamber of Commerce, your local Rotary, referral networks and any organization that has people to associate with in the Toronto area. You’ll get referrals when you talk to people about what you do.In the meantime, try to build as much social proof for your company as possible. Have a nice looking website, have a story about why you got into property management. Once you get your first client, have them write a review about you on Google and Yelp. When owners are evaluating you, they will want to know these things - this is after all, their most valued asset.Another strategy you can use is by calling FRBO’s (For Rent By Owners). You can check Craigslist ads for qualified prospects or use as a vendor who can pryou with these owners. It’s a special animal but if you get good at it, it will work for you to grow owner portfolio.Hope this information is helpful to you. If you do need help getting things started for your property management company and getting more exposure. We have a service that helps you with the information you need to get things started with our PM Startup Accelerator Program. It’s a consultative approach using our 5+ years of experience in helping property management companies grow across the globe. Feel free to check it out and if you do have any other questions, just let us know.
How do I lease out my commercial property in Pune?
Follow:1 list your ad in online portal like 99 acres, magicbrick etc.2. Contact brokers of this area who are dealing exclusively in commercial rent, you can find those broker on 99acres also.3. If your area is big enough suitable for banks or showrooms, you may directly mail to bigger stores like big bazaar or banks, for that you have to-do some exercise.Be sure you have complete information like dimension, ceiling height, main road width, population of that region, usp of that location, interior and a lot of pictures of your shop
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