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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tar-2022 residential lease form 2022

Instructions and Help about Tar-2022 residential lease form 2022

Okay I'm gonna show you how to do a lease agreement here what you need to do first is to input the customer and to do that you're going to go into customer center and this is in QuickBooks click on new customer and job and new customer all tenants will be customers you've got the customer name there I've already put in contact name phone number and then you have to input the address down here and make sure you copy it over the ship to address okay then you need to go to additional info you need to type in the rental amount and type in the deposit amount okay so once you have all that in you click OK then you can go into company and we're going to find the lease agreement and this is a customer letter okay so what you have to do now is you have to unmark all the customers and find who we just added we added Janet and Scott clap click Next residential lease agreement click Next don't fill anything here we've already got our name and title in the letter and I've actually already got this pulled up so I'm going to just pop it up here this is the lease agreement it's already got today's date Jandy homebuyers is the company we're putting this property into and what you need to do is just go in here and kind of clean this up a little bit sometimes it doesn't underline everything bring that over here underline it it's got 12 months and 18 days 311 of o9r an is 6.95 plus $50 if they pay on time rent discount at 695 $50 goes away this is the rest of the lease agreement and we'll have to fill this in down here there's 18 days left in the month because we're doing this on the 12th is actually when they're moving in so what we have to do is we have to find go to the Start menu and we have to find the rent pro Rader and I've actually already got it pulled up so I'm going to click on here all you got to do is put in the rental amount it's going to calculate your yearly rent divide it by 365 you get your daily rent that's how many days are left and you actually have to input that in and that's your prorated rental amount so four hundred eleven dollars and twenty-nine cents we have to go back into QuickBooks actually we'll go back into Microsoft Word where the lease agreement is for 11:29 for the 18 days left in what is it March 2022 and just to go back remember when we entered in all the information for the contact name and and address it automatically filled it in so I just wanted to let you know that's how that came into place move in sheet fills it in all there for you.

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