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Trec Residential Lease Application Form: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Trec Residential Lease Application

Instructions and Help about Trec Residential Lease Application

This video will explain how to use the residential lease application if you are a landlord looking to rent out your property. First, Justin, I would suggest for you to accept only a TARR residential lease application, which is the Texas Association of Realtors. This application is known and used throughout the entire state of Texas. So if you ever have any problems and end up going to court for an eviction, they will definitely require this application, and all the judges are familiar with this type of application and exactly what is in it. So, I wouldn't suggest actually going in and paying an attorney to draw up your own personal residential lease application. I would suggest using this standard form whenever tenants submit an application to you. Just by glancing over it, you should know what kind of tenant you have for the property, if they're going to be someone qualified or not qualified. A couple of steps to go over is once you first get the application, this application is a four-page document, and you want to make sure that everything is completely filled out a hundred percent, that nothing on this application is left blank. If a tenant goes through the whole process and submits everything on the application, they are pretty decent; they know how to follow directions and are somewhat good applicants. Prior to actually running their report, I would definitely suggest running each individual report over the age of eighteen that plans on staying at the property to get a full detail of whether it's going to be criminal records, broken leases, evictions, foreclosures, employment history, and so on. The top part of the application is basically for the property address and the monthly rent of the property. If they were referred to...