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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tar 1501

Instructions and Help about Tar 1501

Hey there this is your coach Paul Williams and I'm out in my backyard it's actually kind of windy out here but it's a nice day so anyway I wanted to show you guys how to fill out a bio representation agreement exclusive so I've already logged into my zip forms account and in here I'm gonna go to my templates now templates is one of those things that I think you need to set up pretty much right away otherwise what you would do is you'd go into a transaction and then you'd add a transaction etc and you can set it up and I think I have another video or if I don't I'll show you how to do that exactly but I'm gonna start here on my templates I'm just gonna load up and you're gonna see that I have all these different templates already in place this makes life so much easier here's one we don't hardly ever use anymore on short sale listing template but today we're going to be covering the BRE the buyer representation agreement exclusive and we'll get that to open up and you'll see that there's three parts to the BRE I'm not going to worry about all of this stuff right now cover that at a different time first thing is going to always be the disclosure relation regarding relationship agreement that's key you're going to do that anytime you're discussing anything with any client relative to real estate whether it's a purchase agreement a listing agreement a buyer representation agreement buyer agencies the first thing you're going to have to discuss if you don't know how to do that get with me and we'll go through that but right now we're focusing on the BR eak and here we go so this is how to fill the thing out mr. mrs. buyers Keller Williams Realty here I'm gonna put in today's date and how long I want to be representing them me run it out as far as you can okay you don't know what their motivations are or maybe you do sometimes things work out sometimes they don't so I'm just gonna pick a date here November 21st okay I just filled out one where it was good through the end of the year next touch step here is any purchase lease or other acquisition of any real estate property man in fact as described as now the location you have to have some sort of a location in here in other words you can't leave that link and then they go off to New Jersey and buy a property you try to claim same thing they can't go to San Francisco and then you try to fight them for a commission can't do that so here what I've done is I've just said North San Diego County inland a little bit vague a little bit large but pretty much somebody who's thinking about buying something in.

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