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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which entity requires sales agents to treat all parties fairly/honestly

Instructions and Help about Which entity requires sales agents to treat all parties fairly/honestly

Gulliver's Travels chapter 1 shipwrecked in 1674 I was born on my father's small estate in Nottinghamshire England what a fine strong boy said my father I think he will be a clever and good man like his grandfather I agree said my mother let's name him Lemuel after your father my childhood was very happy I liked going to school and learning new things but I often used to daydream about going to see one day father asked Lemieux Oh have you thought about your future I think you would be a good doctor I wanted to please him so I said yes Father I'll go to Cambridge University and study medicine but as I spoke I was thinking at University I can also learn things that will be useful to a sailor after several years of study I became a doctor not long after I asked my sweetheart Mary to marry me she replied I would be very happy to marry you before long we had children a boy and a girl they gave us great joy I enjoyed being a doctor for the first few years but then I became bored and ideas of travel filled my mind I imagined wandering too far off places and seeing wonderful new things Mary I said one day I need more adventure in my life the captain of a ship about to sail has offered me a job as the ship's doctor oh dear Mary you replied the children and I will miss you very much and I'll worry about you when will you come back I don't know how long the journey will take I told her but I promise I will return and when I do I'll tell you and the children all about my adventures so in 1699 I set sail on the Antelope from Bristol that City is a large and very old port in the southwest of England from the dock Mary called out goodbye and please be careful come back to us soon the children waved to me and I waved back the captain was a good man and had sailed a great deal welcome aboard dr. Gulliver he said first we'll be sailing down the Atlantic Ocean and around the coast of Africa then we'll sail through the Indian Ocean to the South Seas our journey went well until one morning somewhere near Tasmania in the South Pacific Ocean hey don't like the look of those clouds the captain said I think a storm is coming within an hour a violent storm began the sea rose in great angry waves much taller than the Antelope the wind now as strong as a hurricane made a terrible sound the wind is blowing the ship off course shouted the captain look out suddenly with a loud the antelope hit some rocks and broke in half the sailors fell into the scene many of them could not swim the ship sank quickly and I suppose.

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