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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Trec third party financing addendum

Instructions and Help about Trec third party financing addendum

Okay guys on this one we will go through the form for the third party financing so again here is the contracts one two four that we put together and now we're gonna deal with the third party financing and did them so I'll come over here to my forms and click on the third party financing addendum again remember I set this template up myself if you needed to go to the forum and find it you come over here and start typing in the information you will have to come down here and click all and then you'll see these pop-up here third party financing addendum which is this one right here and you would click it and it would pop up in this section excuse me okay so this third party financing addendum is a conventional loan I know that by the percent that they're putting down of course you would know that in the process when you're dealing with the lender and the buyer you would know what they would be doing so I would click this button here the and this one here this is for folks that are doing just one loan if they're doing two loans then you would utilize both a and B here generally you'll just be using a so the first mortgage on the principle amount of and that is the coming back here you'll find the amount on the contract here that you're financing the 380 they're not financing the 475 total price because they're putting ninety five thousand dollars down in cash so this 380 is what you will use I do in full this would be 30 years if they're doing a 30 year note if they're doing a 15 year note then you'd put 15 they're not to exceed percent wise so this is where you're going to be putting their the interest rate so in the current market that we're in if I put something like four point five four point seven five that is just a protection for the buyer that if the interest rates rose any higher than that let's say I had five percent here let's say for some reason the interest rates went up to five point two five if my client possibly based on on their financial situation would not be qualified to purchase at five point two five so this just protects them with interest not to exceed five percent in the first thirty years so that right there is just a protection piece it does not mean that that is what their interest rate is it just is a protection piece for them so if you have any other questions on that let me know but that is sometimes the buyer will ask that question is that my interest rate no their interest rate may be four point seven five that the lender is quoting them but that's in a sense of built-in protection piece for them.


How can you get financial aid if your parents won't fill out their part and you don't qualify for third party loans?
In that case, likely the only aid you can get is federal loans limited to 5,500 freshman year and increasing about 1k each year. If you speak to your financial aid office they may be able to arrange that, but they may require that your parents sign a form that they refuse to fill out your aid forms. You will not be able to get any federal Pell Grant or Grants from the college. However, in many cases you would be eligible for Merit Aid or Scholarships that do not depend on family income. If you have good enough test scores there are some colleges around the country that will give a lot of aid for that. They may not always be in the most desirable areas but the important thing is that you will get a college degree.
Does Palantir use third party recruiters to fill positions?
Yup, they do. My boyfriend was contacted by a third-party recruiter working with Palantir a few months ago, and he starts work there in a couple weeks! To answer your second question - generally, I really, really dislike third-party recruiters (I'm an internal recruiter). The only reason I'd work with one is to have an advocate on your side to keep the process moving along. Sometimes companies can be slow, and if you're working with a third-party recruiter they'll bug the company to move forward on your behalf. That being said, if you can just apply to the company directly, that's what I'd do.
How can I find out who called me from an unknown "No Caller ID" private number?
You can’t know who’s calling on Unknown ID’s and if there’s no voice message then its not important to you.99.99% of the time i don’t pick Unknown calls, and 100% I don’t care who’s calling with an unknown IDMy phone communication circle is quite simply narrowed down to Work, Girlfriend, family or others in my phone list, and if your not on my list I’m not interestedSometime’s my manager is calling me first as a Unknown ID and so i patiently wait for a text with his numbers on my screen knowing if its something urgently important for him and then reply back.Other times i may stumble on a unknown number with a caller ID and they come in patterns at the certain time of the day.So I will google it and a website usually comes up with multiple of other people reporting that its a ISP making sale calls or scammers on a website, then those numbers go straight to my block list.If you ask my opinion i reckon the system of telecommunication should be limited availability if two people agree to exchange phone numbers.If not then who ever attempts to call someone the other person who has not exchanged theirs to them should skip the dialling and go straight to a voice saying “Sorry the person you are trying to call has not agreed to give you their number, please seek approval or don’t bother trying again”That Idea came from A Black Mirror episode where two government agent officials start a joint operation in an investigation, instead of asking for their numbers they connect the phones together screen to screen in exchange of active communication.
Tea party politics seem to be ruining the Republican party. Why haven't they split out as a third party?
The Republican party has long been an unstable coalition of groups that need each other to be politically viable or relevant.  Without each other, these factions couldn't have the sort of influence they have on national politics they have, and they know it.The way it works within the GOP is that whatever faction of the party has control calls the shots, and the others get whatever scraps doled out to them by party bosses as deemed necessary to keep them in the party.  Thus, the way to leverage your political influence, if you don't have enough to command outright majority power, is to use it to capture control of one of the major national parties.The advent of the Tea Party completely upset this dynamic within the GOP, as it became possible when dark money became 'free speech'. This effectively opened an end-run route around one of the control mechanisms of the establishment: party money.  It used to be that up-and-coming politicians needed the party to fund or endorse their campaigns, but the advent of the dark-money age in US politics changed all that- a disaffected billionaire or motivated pac-bundler could now have as much influence on the primary process as the party establishment used to.  Thus, we began to see establishment-backed candidates facing well-funded primary challengers from their right or from constituencies heretofore too marginal to matter in politics.  This became the clarion signal to party officials and incumbents: veer right and take these newly-funded people seriously, or be unseated.  This has allowed tiny minorities of the electorate to have significantly outsized influence.  If they left the party and tried to win an election on their own, they'd be swiftly irrelevant and they know it.
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